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Our promotional staff brings your message to the people! The best product brings you precious little if no one knows it. For this reason, the advertising budget in almost all industries is well invested in the field of promotion. We will find for you active and open promotion personnel for individual campaigns.

Promoters help to bring the advertising message to the customer and have a promotional function. There are two basic types of promotional actons:

Sampling promotion
Sampling promotion often involves distributing brochures and flyers
or, for example, distribute small promotional gifts to increase awareness of the brand and promote its image.

Sales promotion (i.e. the promotion that promotes sales).
In sales promotion, the respective promoters receive detailed information about a product in order to then present it to interested trade fair visitors and possibly sell it.

Planning of promotional activities

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We will be happy to accompany your promotion campaign and support you in its implementation. We provide you with a competent project manager who works closely with you and accompanies you during the event. Not only do we want to provide you with the best people, but we also want to help you get the job done.

Our promoters convince with their dedicated appearance. They are very flexible and quickly get to grips with the subject matter, including a wide variety of products. But the most important thing is that they appreciate and like their work, and customers see that.

Our staff will help you with sales-promoting activities such as point-of-sale ( POS) sales or tastings. We make sure that their promoters receive a detailed briefing before each campaign, so that they are well informed about the brand or company and can give the best advice to the customers.

There are many different types of promotion, so there are many different responsibilities of promoters.

Most promotional jobs involve actively approaching passers-by to give them flyers, information material or even tasting samples, for example. This can be done for any type of product or brand imaginable.

More demanding and involving far more preparation are the promotions in which passers-by are to be advised and informed directly on site. As a promoter, you must of course be well informed about the product or brand and be able to give passers-by the feeling that you yourself are a convinced consumer. A certain degree of sales talent is also an advantage.

Guerrilla marketing

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Marketing with a surprise effect – that’s guerrilla marketing.
Offensive, creative and unconventional marketing elements ensure advertising with emotion. The biggest goal of guerrilla marketing is to generate the greatest possible generate. Especially for small and medium-sized companies, this advertising measure is ideal, because it usually gets by with a small budget and still achieves a great effect.
Guerilla marketing ensures that the company/product is talked about and new customers are acquired. In the case of particularly successful campaigns, it can be distributed via social networks and attract even more attention. Ideally, the marketing campaign is combined with other live communication measures (roadshow, sampling distribution, etc.)

When implementing your promo campaign, we rely on open and outgoing staff. Mainly student staff is used. This offers the advantages of very flexible deployment and low personnel costs. Our students usually pursue this activity as part-time jobs alongside their studies. Accordingly, weekend assignments are also absolutely unproblematic and welcome.


News 2022

LEONIDAS Promotion

leonidasFrom April 2022 you will find our attractive promoters working nationwide for the Belgian chocolate manufacturer LEONIDAS.

100 promoters will be giving away samples of chocolates in 50 German cities at Easter time.

Leonidas promoters

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