ProMO Staff


Promotional Staff & Brand Ambassadors


Promoter for sampling and sales promotion

Promoters help to bring the advertising message to the customer and have a sales supportive role. When it comes to promotions, we differentiate between two basic types, the sampling promotion and the sales (i.e. the sales-promoting) promotion. When sampling, brochures and flyers are often distributed or, for example, small promotional gifts are given out in order to increase brand awareness and promote the image.

In the case of sales promotion, the respective promoters receive introductory information about a product in order to then present it and, if necessary, sell it to interested trade fair guests.

A Staffing Agency you can rely on

We want you to think of us as an extension of your team and we will make it our mission to gain your trust early on in our relationship. We’ll pair you with an expert account manager who will quickly get to know your preferences and work with you to achieve the best results from your activations or events. We not only want to provide you with the best staff available, we also want to make your life easier.

Brand ambassadors

The quality of your promotional team and the way they engage with your consumers will be integral to the success of your activation. Brand ambassadors hat are both brilliant and on-brand will interact with your target audience authentically and successfully, so for each event, we will work with you to source exactly the right people for the job, anywhere in Germany.

Our promoters impress with their well-groomed and motivated demeanor. You are very flexible and quickly familiar with the subject matter, including a wide variety of products. The most important thing, however, is that they value and like their job, and customers see that.